Our Purpose


Our vision is to demonstrate the love of God for humanity. With an unwavering focus to demonstrate unconditional love which is so desperately needed these days. We are always at work serving communities and nations while encouraging, empowering, equipping, enabling and enlightening women on the principles and precepts for a fulfilled life.


  • Encourage women to press on with faith and perseverance
  • Empower women to discover and maximize their potentials
  • Equip women with skills to transform their communities
  • Enrich women with spiritual principles and precepts
  • Enable women to build progressive careers and businesses
  • Enlighten women about the Word and Power of God with a passion for life


Our mission is to inspire women of all ethnicity, religion and socio-economic status to become leaders and agents of change in their communities while mobilizing groups of people for charitable works. We are the vessel of love for the downtrodden, intercessor for the afflicted and evangelist of God for all.


This is the year the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit !It is my greatest pleasure to thank God for his mercy and faithfulness to bring us to another new year.The Almighty God is the Greatest Father, the source of our strength, courage and sufficiency in this movement. By His grace through the Glorious Women of Wonders building team, sponsors, partners, volunteers, community groups and church organizations mission is reaching the world and changing lives. This ministry is making a great difference in the community, women, families, youth, and organization groups. by encouraging, empowering and equipping the lives of so many people for a glorious future. The mission of helping the helpless, saving lives and giving hope to the hopeless. Our drives and passion is to reach out to many souls. We look forward to this glorious year of GOD’s Divine manifestation. I believe the Lord will do wonders and exploit through you. We are grateful to God for your continued support. Together we work to reach everyone. Be bless and highly favor in Jesus Name.

– REV. Blessing Ajayi

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