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Internship is very vital if you must be steady and successful in your career. At GLORIOUS WOMEN OF WONDERS, we offer internship on four foundations: COACHING AND MENTORING – A GWOW, intern is assigned a coach or mentor.
Your coach is dedicated to your professional growth and development within the organisation. They also provide you with any support and guidance you may need throughout your internship.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING - You will work on real projects and campaigns at your host organization. Through hands-on, work-integrated learning, you will strengthen your existing skills, as well as gain real work experience that will allow you to easily progress and transition in your career.

KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER - You are mentored and trained by industry professionals who possess many years of experience. Whether it’s through your mentor or other team members, you are learning and benefiting from their own extensive experience, helping you gain exclusive industry insights and knowledge.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES - Get introduced to different team members, departments, and divisions. When it’s time to transition to other roles and organizations, you will be able to benefit from your expanded professional network.