Founder and Leadership



"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, mind, and love your neighbor as yourself." Luke 10:27

The Founder and General Overseer of Glorious Women of Wonders and the Executive Director of Women’s Voice and Seniors Smile Care. A philanthropist for the vulnerable. She is an advocate for youth, seniors and women in Greater Toronto Area. Rev. Blessing has worked for over 10 years to encourage, empower and equip individuals to embrace values, achieve personal goals and to make a difference. She has hosted various community programs such as Youth Empowerment for Greatness, Women’s Voices and Family Enrichment events. Rev. Blessing is an exceptional leader who has travelled around the globe to conduct evangelistic revival Outreaches. Her compassion and act of goodwill for humanitarian purpose has changed many lives. She has been married for over 20 years and blessed with four children. Glorious Women of Wonders was founded in June 2009 by Rev. Blessing Uwuma Ajayi in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. She founded the Organization in a period where she needed to make a very important decision in her life. she needed to choose between giving her full-time towards actualizing her business passion or respecting her divine calling to serve humanity. However, she was yet to capture the full comprehension of Gods call upon her life. Her business world came down crashing and this led her towards looking for solution. At this point, she was instructed by God to gather women together who desired to seek God faithfully and that is where lies her blessing and fruitfulness in life. This motivated her to gather together a small group of women that were having issues and facing challenges in their own lives. She supported them and solutions were found. In so doing, this empowered and strengthened a lot of women and deepened their relationships with God. Thereafter, weekly meetings of pioneer members were conducted from house to house in fellowship with one another. Women were encouraged, empowered and transformed. Eventually, as the ministry membership increased, an official group was formed. Moreover, a community outreach began and directed at mobilizing women from different organizations. A great evangelical revival and prayer movement began. While forming relationship with the women, she discovered that many had problems such as unemployment, marriage conflicts, emotional and physical abuse that were affecting their self-esteem and psychology etc. She taught the women to add value to themselves, impact their marriages and the community at large by advancing in a career path, social wellness, home economics, spiritual development, business initiative strategies, providing information, settlement and social service assistance to helping them integrate into Canadian system. However, for these successes to be achieved she had to sacrifice her job and time with family resulting in giving back 10 years to achieving this call and goal set by God and driven through by passion. She invested all she saved to experience the fulfilment of this dream. As a result of these exhortations, 98% of these women on record, achieved success and leadership positions in the various works of life’s endeavors. Today, Glorious Women of Wonders is still working diligently at serving our communities and nation at-large by encouraging and empowering women, youths, and people nation-wide through programs implemented by Rev Blessing with the support of team leaders in obedience, commitment, love to serve humanity.

  • 2019 Humanitarian Award by Vigor Award Toronto
  • 2019 Canadian’s 100 Black Women to Watch Toronto
  • 2019 Commitment and Dedication in Community Services and Program Initiatives Award by Brampton City Mayor, Patrick Brown
  • 2019 Women’s Achievement Award by GTA Northwest Community Health Service Inc., Canada, on International Women’s Day
  • 2019 City of Brampton Citizen Award for 10 years of Longtime Community Service by the City of Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  • 2017 Mission and Leadership Award for Glorious Women of Wonders Excellence Achievement
  • 2011 Epitome of a Virtuous Woman Awards by Glorious Women of Wonders

  • The City of Brampton’s former Mayor, Ms. Susan Fennel
  • The City of Brampton’s former Mayor, Ms. Linda Jeffery
  • The City of Brampton’s Mayor Patrick Brown.
  • Former Brampton West Member of Parliament- Mr. Kyle Seeback
  • Brampton West Member of Parliament, Kamal Khera
  • City of Brampton Councilor, Doug Whilans

  • Sheridan College, Brampton; Prospective student in Social Service worker
  • Certificate in Fundraising Management (2017) Sheridan College, Brampton ONTARIO
  • Certificate in General Practice in Counselling by Christian Psychotherapist
  • Former Brampton West Member of Parliament- Mr. Kyle Seeback
  • Certified Chaplain by Evangelical Order of Pastoral Counsellors of America (2014-till date)
  • Bachelor in Christian Counselling from Canadian Christian Theological Seminary, Calgary, Canada (2014)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Banking and Finance (1999-2003) from Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Rivers State, Nigeria
  • National Diploma in Banking and Finance (1995-1997) from Rivers State Polytechnic, Rivers State, Nigeria
  • Member, Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellor Association