About Us


Glorious Women of Wonders Prayer Ministry is a registered charity organization. A non denomination ministry for women, dedicated to win souls and make a difference in peoples lives. Our purpose is to empower women through charitable works, community development programs and initiatives while demonstrating God’s love to humanity.

We are used by God to facilitate programs and execute projects that give hope to vulnerable women, men, seniors, youths, families in our community, and around the globe. Our impact and influence are felt in the lives of many, irrespective of ethnicity, religion and socio- economic status. With an unwavering focus to demonstrate unconditional love which is desperately needed.

We are growing stronger and always serving our communities and nations while encouraging, empowering, equipping, enabling and enlightening women on the principles and precepts for a fulfilled life. We are called to serve every one, lead charitable initiatives and to transform lives. We are representatives of God on earth, filled with the passion to build up women and save souls. We are committed to being the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We are bound to be a crown of glory to all nations and take the good news of salvation all around the world.


Our Vision is to demonstrate God’s Love for humanity. With an unwavering focus to demonstrate unconditional love which is so desperately needed these days. We are always at work serving communities and nations while encouraging, empowering, equipping, enabling and enlightening vulnerable people on the principles for a fulfilled life.

Core Values

  • Encourage women to press on with faith and perseverance
  • Empower women to discover and maximize their potentials
  • Equip women with skills to transform their communities
  • Enrich women with spiritual principles and precepts
  • Enable women to build progressive careers and businesses
  • Enlighten women about the Word and Power of God with a passion for life


Our mission is to inspire women and people of all ethnicity regardless of their religion and socio-economic status. In order to become leaders and agents of change in their communities while mobilizing groups of people for charitable works. We are the vessel of love for the oppressed, intercessor for the afflicted and evangelist of God for all.


GWOW started by helping, motivating, and empowering women especially new immigrants and refugees. They were facing challenges in various areas of their lives such as families, marriages and careers. These people were supported through prayer in finding solutions to strengthen their relationship with God. Over the years many of these lives have changed for the better.

Women are taught to build their self esteem and values in their relationships. We have helped them advance in their career paths, social wellness, home economics, spiritual development, leadership and skill acquisition while integrating into the Canadian system.

Over the past ten years of operation, GWOW has created various programs and have taken the initiative to benefit the low-income families, women, youth, seniors in the vulnerable sectors. We are partnered with various Canadian organizations both at the federal and municipal level. This includes The City of Brampton, Regeneration outreach center, Knight Table, United Achievers, Salvation Army Women Shelter, Senior retirement homes, and etc.

Founders & Leadership